Pastel-Colored Spring Wedding Inspiration with the Most Impressive Floral Centerpiece

Easter is an amazing opportunity to experience Greece and the favorite holiday of the Greeks.

 Often celebrated in the Orthodox Church one or two weeks either side of Catholic Easter, it’s not just the most solemn religious festival of the year but a time when families get together in their home towns and villages and, coinciding with spring, celebrate the renewal in nature. Many destinations celebrate Easter following their unique customs and traditions, making it the perfect opportunity to experience Greece in a wholesome way and really capture the essence of what it means to welcome spring in Greece. We always advise couples to take advantage of the special celebrations for their micro wedding and give their guests an unforgettable cultural experience. That’s why we chose to create an Easter wedding inspiration shoot with pastel colors and a provençale organic farm feeling!

For couples who are not looking to throw an extravagant party, eloping at the courthouse is not the only option

Considering opting for the increasingly popular micro wedding celebration with just a handful of the closest friends and family is a lovely and fresh way to celebrate a wedding day. Although we know it seems daunting for many couples, narrowing your guest list to just the dearest and nearest gives an amazing sense of freedom to your wedding day design. These small gatherings offer a special kind of intimacy that’s not possible to achieve in a large wedding of say 300 people. Also, after the recent covid madness it will be easier to limit your guest options without as many hurt feelings as before, something many couples needlessly struggle with.  Still, the ease of a micro wedding in Greece is appealing for so many: fewer invitations to send and RSVPs to track; just one table or a private dinner for two, and just like that you kiss the complicated seating chart goodbye and you get a lot of time to spend on your wedding day with the people that actually matter the most to you. We can safely say that having fewer guests basically eliminates an entire layer of stress!

Seasonal wedding themes are always popular

In MK Events we love Easter for a wedding celebration. The days are getting longer, everyone is in the mood to celebrate and Nature really is at its best. Seasonal wedding themes are always popular so we’re getting inspired from this spring holiday to create the perfect Easter wedding. Also, this season the range of  flowers available for your spring wedding is stunning and you’ll be able to pick the very best for your style. Along with an incredible team of talented vendors, we created this wedding concept wanting to inspire all the spring-loving couples to take the leap and have a beautiful Easter wedding in Greece. We chose the Margi Farm, whose landscape instantly transports us to Provence every time we’re there with its Mediterranean beauty! We hope you get inspired by Vasilis Kouroupis’s amazing gallery and the charm of the pastel-colored conceptional centerpiece installation by Red Box Days. Also, we’re showing the brides-to-be an alternative wedding dress from Chicard, a unique floral headpiece and so many cute details to incorporate on a wedding day. We added bunnies and eggs for the Eastery touch, but we can easily see this wedding concept working not only for a wedding held on Easter but summer as well! We believe in the power colors have to bring extra happiness to a wedding day and we couldn’t suggest them more! We hope you get inspired! 

Planning & Design : Mk events by Santo wedding

Photographer : Vasilis Kouroupis

Videographer : Panos Papaioannou. 

Flowers : Red box days 

Graphic Designer : Love me Do! 

Art de la table : White lilac

Furniture : Style box.

Cakes & Desserts : Pavlovs lab

Make up & Hairstye: Frantzeska koukoula.

Dress : Chicard.

Macrame piece : orenda.

Rattan bag: Angelina handmade

Gifts : Carinaria candles

venue : The margi Farm